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10 Reasons Why Your House Hasn't Sold...

Tuesday, May 14, 2019   /   by Amber Felton

10 Reasons Why Your House Hasn't Sold...

The Real Estate market is filled with potential buyers seeking the perfect place to call home. While finding the "perfect" home holds a different meaning for each buyer, there are certain things that put your home at risk of being undesirable to all buyers. We've gathered a list of the top 10 reasons why your home has not sold yet...

1.) Your Photos Are Terrible!

A first impression is a lasting impression! Your home's photos are often the "first impression" as the majority of home buyers begin their search on the Internet. Think of these photos as a "virtual showing". The goal is to capture potential buyers from the "virtual showing" and have them move on towards an in person showing.

Tip: Hiring a Realtor that uses a professional photographer gives your home a competitive advantage in a competitive market!

2.) It's Overpriced!

Let's face it...properties that are priced too high are less likely to get lookers and bidders. Your Realtor will help you determine the best price for your home by performing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and doing an in person walk through of your home.

Tip: Be honest with yourself when listing your home. Would YOU buy your home at the asking price over the others that are currently available on the market? If the answer is no, consider updating your home or lowering your price.

3.) It shows badly!

When we say your home "shows badly" this phrase takes on many meanings. For example, the lingering smell of cigarette smoke, stained carpeting, excessive amounts of pet hair or urine stains may be hindering your home from capturing potential buyers' hearts. While these things are not visible on the Internet, once inside potential buyers are scared off.

Tip: Listen to the feedback given from other agents AND your Realtor. If they say your house smells or needs to be cleaned, trust them and believe that it does!

4.) It's Invisible!

Simply plopping your property on the MLS is not sufficient in our Internet driven world. Your home should be on Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, Facebook, Instagram, etc. These are the places that buyers are searching and your home needs to be visible on these platforms. Your Realtor should understand the importance of being on the top sites and making it a priority to ensure that your listing has as much exposure as possible. 

5.) It's Tired and Stale on the Market!

Sometimes older listings have a musty smell that greets you at the door. Or, there's a cloud of dust that floats through the air or sits on every horizontal surface. This is a guaranteed way to lose the interest of potential buyers. 

Tip: Check in on your property regularly. Flush the toilets, pick up the mail, pressure wash the sidewalk, mow the lawn, etc. Attention to detail matters!

6.) It Won't Appraise!

We're having less trouble with appraisers these days but that does not mean that the problem has not gone away completely. While the market is hot, an occasional seller will trying to "push the envelope". When buyers are having trouble finding inventory, it is easy to foolishly bite at any price. The appraiser will often be the voice of reason.

7.) It's Unavailable to Show!

We understand that you still live in your home and that there are times when you may not be available for showings; however, potential buyers will not buy your home if they cannot see it. Even the most high quality and professional pictures are not a substitute for an in-person visit. Don't assume that buyers will reschedule until the home is available for viewing; they'll just move on to the next.

Tip: Remember that once you've put your home on the market it has now become a product. You want your product to be seen by as many potential buyers as possible by making sure that there is ample availability for in-person visits. 

8.) You Have the Heat and Power Turned Off!

When potential buyers view your home, they need to feel comfortable. The more time they spend in your home the better they can get a true sense of the place. Being extremely cold or hot inside your home may cause buyers to quickly rush through the home to escape the harsh climate. You do not have to blast the A/C or Heat but we do recommend leaving it on a temperature that is comfortable. A rushed walk-through equals an unmemorable home. 

Tip: You'll need power and water for inspections anyway so keeping the utilities on simply makes sense!

9.) The Home Next Door is Distracting!

Unfortunately, your neighbor's home could be hindering your home from selling. Uncut grass, rusted vehicles, toys thrown across the front yard, and so on can be indicative of the neighbors no one wants to live beside. Although this may be beyond your control, it can heavily impact a potential buyer's perception of your home! If you have established a friendly relationship with your neighbors, try offering to pay to have their lawn cleared of junk.

10.) Your Tenants!

While having a tenant in the home can save you money on a mortgage, it may cost you the sell of your home. Understand that a tenant may not love and care for your house the way that you do and are certainly not as concerned with getting the home sold as you are. Often, tenants must have a minimum of 24 hour notice before allowing someone to view the home. If possible, refrain from having a tenant; you'll almost always sell your home faster without one!

Are you disappointed that your home is not selling? We can help you pinpoint why your home may not be capturing the hearts of potential buyers! Contact us at 912.737.2935 today!