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3 Of Our Favourite Walking Trails Around Savannah

Thursday, August 30, 2018   /   by Amber Felton

3 Of Our Favourite Walking Trails Around Savannah

There’s something for everyone here, from gentle strolls around the park to all day hikes that will take you past historic settlements, through salt marshes, and along old railway lines. Nature buffs are in for a treat too with the wide range of flora and fauna that can be spotted along the way – including dolphins, terrapins, wildfowl, and turtles!


The next time you think about getting a breath of fresh air and stretching your legs, check out one of the routes below.


1.) McQueen's Island Trail

This 5.6-mile trail follows a stretch of the Savannah and Atlantic railroad line and provides a historic and picturesque way to spend a day walking. You’ll be wandering through salt marshes along well-maintained pathways and over short bridges while losing yourself in the serenity of it all.


You’ll be able to spot tons of local wildlife, including box turtles, American alligators, and diamondback terrapins. If you’re very lucky, you may also be able to spot a pod of dolphins playing in the water!


Remember: There’s plenty of benches and picturesque picnic spots along the way – so don’t forget to bring your lunch!


2.) Tom Triplett Park Trail

If you’re the kind of person that prefers a little stroll instead of a several mile hike, then the Tom Triplett Park trail may be just the thing you’re looking for. This trail can be found 20 minutes south of Savannah in our favorite city, Pooler! The trail is a loop that’s about 1.5 miles in length it’s a very easy and gentle trail that circumnavigates the pristine lake that the Tom Triplett Park is locally well known for.


It is suitable for people of all abilities as it’s gentle and well paved in its entirety. You can even bring your dog along too (but they do need to be kept on a leash).


3.) Sandpiper Trail / Avian Loop

Skidaway Island is home to 4 well-known trails of varying lengths and difficulties. However, the easiest, the most accessible, and the most popular route is the Sandpiper Trail / Avian Loop.


If you decide to take a stroll around these meandering pathways you’re going to be in for a real treat. The short gentle circular trail provides you with countless stunning viewpoints and vistas of the salt flats and tidal creeks, with each becoming more jaw-droppingly beautiful than the last.


The trail is easy to moderate in difficulty and is a combination of sandy paths, boardwalks, and gentle low bridges. You’ll be meandering around marshes, through forests, and along riverbanks with the fresh smell of salt water joining you for the entire journey.


You may be able to spot some wild waterfowl and pods of dolphin here if you’re lucky. Pets are welcomed if kept on a leash.


Tip: We highly recommend you check out this spot close to sunset. When the sun is low in the sky the stunning golden light that envelopes the trail and reflects off of the water is nothing short of spectacular.


Get Your Walking Shoes On!

So there you have it, those are our top 3 walking trails in the Savannah area. We are truly blessed to have some of the countries most pristine natural beauty in our local area. Combine the area’s stunning rivers with its pristine lakes and well-maintained trails and you begin to see just a few of the reasons that people here say that life in Savannah is meant to be lived outdoors.

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