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3 Tips for Preparing for Real Estate Photos

Monday, August 13, 2018   /   by Amber Felton

3 Tips for Preparing for Real Estate Photos

When it comes to selling your home, a picture is worth a thousand words. Because the vast majority of homebuyers start their search online, a few minutes of scrolling can either make or break a potential deal. It is important to highlight the best features of your home with quality photos. These three tips can help you prepare for real estate photos that will make your home stand out from the crowd and make that first impression count!

1.) Tidy Up Inside and Outside the Home!

No one wants to purchase a home that looks unkept. When preparing for interior photos, remove all clutter. Not only will this make the home appear more tidy but it will also allow potential buyers to get a better idea for the size of each space. Vacuum the carpets, sweep and mop the floors, and dust tabletops to make your home sparkle. Also, remove all personal items so that they are not visible.

The exterior is most likely the first part of your home that a potential buyer will see. In preparation for photos, remove vehicles from the driveway, sweep the sidewalks, put toys and bicycles away, and close your windows. 

Pay close attention to your landscaping as it can enhance your home's overall appearance. A simple touch such as planting flowers can add a nice pop of color to your home. Take it a step further by freshening the mulch and pine straw in shrub beds, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and removing dead vegetation. These tasks are tedious but necessary!

2.) Make the Kitchen and Dining Room 5-Star Ready!

The kitchen and dining room are where gourmet meals come to life. Prepping these areas to appear 5-star meal worthy is a must! To prepare the kitchen area, clean the exterior of all appliances (refrigerator, stovetop, oven, and so on), remove all items from outside of the refrigerator, clear the sink of dishes, and hide all cleaning items.

Do not neglect the dining room! Add some flare to the room by adding a centerpiece and setting the table with nice dinnerware. If you have a China cabinet, declutter and arrange the items on the inside. For the finishing touch, sweep/mop or vacuum the area and then straighten the dining chairs.

3.) Showcase the Cleanliness of Your Bedrooms and Bathrooms!

Bedrooms, particularly the Master Suite, are typically one of the main points of interest for home buyers. Spruce up the bedrooms as much as possible by making the beds and arranging decorative pillows, putting away clothing and shoes, and clearing all surfaces of clutter. 

While we understand that children's rooms are usually full of personality and toys, it is best to remove posters and drawings from the walls and to tuck away excess toys.

The bathroom should also have a tidy appearance. To achieve this look, remove all toiletries, medications, and items from the tub, shower, and vanity top. Clean the mirrors, countertops, and shower glass for an extra boost of orderliness. For the grand finale, hang fresh towels neatly to add a hint of decor.

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