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4 of Our Favorite Restaurants in Pooler

Monday, July 23, 2018   /   by Amber Felton

4 of Our Favorite Restaurants in Pooler

One of the best things about living in the Pooler area is the wide range of excellent dining options available to us here. We’ve got many great restaurants which serve super tasty food from all corners of the globe. We put our heads together here at The Trisha Cook Team office, and this is what we think are 4 of the best restaurants in Pooler.

1.) Flacos Tacos

Flacos Tacos is hands down one of the most universally loved eateries in the Pooler area. The combination of delicious food, low prices, and a welcoming atmosphere (with great service) is a recipe for success.

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, Flacos Tacos is a Mexican restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food in a traditional style. The fish tacos here always get rave reviews (and are a little spicy) but their chicken and meat-based offerings are highly popular too. However, the thing that always gets people talking about this joint is the quality of their salsas and sauces – be sure to liberally apply them when you get your food!

Note: Seating can be a little limited at Flacos Tacos, so many people prefer to get their order to go and eat in the comfort of their home.

2.) Metro Diner

No town is complete without a diner that its residents claim is one of the best in the world – and for pooler, it’s Metro Diner. It’s a reasonably simple place that focuses on all the things a diner should be focusing on – great food, even better service, and a relaxed atmosphere.

The menu is large for a diner and contains all the staple classics you’d expect to find in this kind of establishment. We highly recommend you take a look at the fish and chips, the chicken pot pie, and the Swiss cheese melt burgers – as they’re all delicious.

As the proverbial cherry on top, Metro Diner is well known locally for providing huge portion sizes (and they’re always more than happy to provide containers to take leftovers home in).

3.) Pie Society

British food may not have the best reputation in the world, but when it comes to pies and pastries – no one does it better. Pie Society is a traditional British bakery that will have your mouth watering from the smell as soon as you walk through the door. There’s no better way to experience the best of British food without crossing the pond.

You’ll be able to feast on a wide range of British classics such as Cornish pasties, steak and ale pie, and of course – fish and chips.

We’re always really impressed by how much effort the owners have put in to make this place authentic. For example, any self-respecting Brit wouldn’t dream of eating a plate of fish and chips without some authentic HP brown sauce or “proper” Heinz tomato ketchup – so the Pie Society provides them both (and more).

4.) Chazito’s

The final restaurant that came up a lot in our discussions for this post was Chazito’s. The restaurant started out as a food truck some years ago and became so popular that the owner decided to create a brick and mortar establishment under the same name. Chazito’s menu contains some of the most authentic Latin American cuisine we’ve ever tasted (and we don’t say that lightly). We highly recommend you try the mango slaw, sweet plantains, and the churrasco – but the menu changes frequently.

Note: On the first Saturday of the month Chazito’s puts on a traditional pig roast that you have to try at least once in your life – it’s almost too good to be true.

The delicious food options are just one of the many perks of living in the Pooler and the Greater Savannah area. Contact us today at 912.737.2935 if you are thinking about relocating to the area...we are YOUR local source for all things Pooler!