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5 Reasons Why Summer is The Best Time to Sell

Wednesday, July 17, 2019   /   by Ashleigh Townsend

5 Reasons Why Summer is The Best Time to Sell

5 Reasons Why Summer is The Best Time to Sell

The purchase of a home can be an exciting time full of hope and plans for the future like building a family, adopting a family pet. However, circumstances can change, whether it be a new job, a growing family that requires more space, or simply the desire to live in a different environment. The sale of a home involves many components, including the procurement of real estate professionals and determining the best season during the year to sell. Below you will find five reasons why summer is the best time to let go of a property before starting anew elsewhere.

1.       People Prefer the Outdoors During Summer

Attempting to sell during cold, rainy, snowy seasons can be disappointing. Most people looking for a home do not want to deal with adverse weather while driving to tour properties and will likely be dissuaded from even attempting to shop for a home, even if the one being sold sounds like a dream. Summertime brings clear skies and warmer weather and buyers are much more likely to explore different homes and do so happily with patience and excitement for a new purchase.

2.       Families Must Consider the Schoolyear

If children are a part of the household, uprooting them during active classes can be cumbersome for them, as well as for parents who will need to transfer into a new school district and deliver the children into a completely different environment during a time when school routines have already been developed. A summer transition can alleviate the sharp effects that comes with a big change.

3.       Sellers Have More Time

Since Summer comes with a sense of leisure, sellers can have more time to clear out gutters, keep the lawn neatly mowed, perhaps plant some more beautiful flowers, power wash the driveway, update the roof, and overall create a more attractive home for buyers.

4.       Curb Appeal

With spring comes the blossoming of flowers and greener grass and by summer, lawns and gardens are in full bloom, creating an attractive appearance for buyers. Most buyers fall in love with the aesthetic of a home before moving into price negotiation. With the summer sun shining brightly upon a home, a buyer can easily fall in love with the idea of living there.

5.       Buyers Have More Time

Many professionals find their workloads decrease during the summer and some choose to take time off to spend more time with their families. This open availability allows for further perusing of homes and creates a space for serious consideration prior to buying. When a home is available for an open house, couples and families can easily make time to explore, inquire, and decide which home to make their own.

When putting a home on the market during the summer, sellers will experience extra showings, will likely be inundated with offers, and will eventually be able to decide which price is best for ultimate profit. Having handled home repairs and ensuring curb appeal with the help of warm weather, bright sunlight, and hopeful buyers, sellers can experience the ideal situation for gaining the most out of what can otherwise be an exhausting task. Selling can be difficult and tiresome but when the right season works in a seller’s favor, the task becomes a breeze.

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