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Best Restaurants To Visit In Savannah Georgia

Friday, September 27, 2019   /   by Ashleigh Townsend

Best Restaurants To Visit In Savannah Georgia

The Top 5 Restaurants To Visit In Savannah Georgia

If you are in Savannah and looking for some great food in a top restaurant, then River Street is the place to go. With a huge range of options available in the area, you could spend your entire evening just wandering and looking at the choices – but you will have to stop and get a bite at some point. That is why we have put together the top 5 restaurants on River Street, to help you choose a spot for your next meal. Enjoy!

The Cotton Exchange Seafood Grill and Tavern

First on the list is The Cotton Exchange Seafood Grill and Tavern on East River Street. With a menu that is filled with southern seafood choices and a peach sangria that will have you ordering another, this restaurant is worth a visit. Try the Shrimp and Grits for a tasty twist on a well-known dish, or the Cowboy Reuben for a sandwich you will love. There’s also the Cajun Tortellini, Crab Cake Sandwich, Clam Chowder… the list goes on!

Huey’s On The River

If a Cajun/Creole dish is more what you are after, then we recommend giving Huey’s On The River a try. The Jambalaya Pasta and the Shrimp Etouffe are both tasty and filling, and the dessert beignets with pecan caramel dipping sauce are the perfect finisher to a meal. The Shrimp and Grits is also a solid choice and you will not leave disappointed nor hungry - find Huey’s On The River on East River Street.

Vic’s On The River

Another great place to try is Vic’s On The River, which is located on East Bay Street and a seafood/southern-style specialist. From the Crawfish Beignets to the Crab Cakes to the Fried Green Tomato BLT, almost anything on the menu will not disappoint. We highly recommend making a reservation though – everyone else has found out how great this place is, and it can get quite busy at dinner time!

Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room

For something a little different, Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room is only open 11 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday on West Jones Street. It is a cash-only establishment and you are seated at a table with other hungry strangers, with an array of southern-style food along with the table – think fried chicken, mac & cheese and mashed potatoes family style – and you grab a bowl, put some on your plate, and pass it to the next person. There are unlimited replacements and, when you are finished, there are a few dessert options too. If you are looking to make some new friends and eat some good food for a set fee, Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room is the place to go

 Treylor Park

Last, but certainly not least, is Treylor Park on East Bay Street. This little unique spot has local beers, a range of specialty cocktails and an eclectic southern-style menu, with something to suit almost anyone. The Shrimp and Grits Tacos are a choice you won't regret, and the Sloppy Joe is a delicious option any time of the day or night. For something a little different, try the PB&J Wings or the Apple Pie Sandwich… or why not have both!

An honorable mention goes to The Olde Pink House, a historic house turned restaurant with a delicious goat cheese salad and a cocktail called The Proper which is definitely worth ordering. Overall though, if you are looking for somewhere to eat on River Street you will not be disappointed. There is a huge range of options to choose from covering many different cuisines and tastes. We recommend trying them all – they are all worth more than one visit!

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