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Home Inspection 101: Part 2

Monday, January 14, 2019   /   by Amber Felton

Home Inspection 101: Part 2

In our last post, we began demystifying the home inspection process. This week, we will dive further into what is actually inspected during a home inspection and how to select the proper inspector. Understanding the different types of services can boost your confidence when selecting your inspector and during the actual inspection process.

1) What should I expect from a Home Inspector?

A high level of service should be expected from any home inspection company that you choose. Here are a few certifications, policies and protection plans that you should check for when selecting an inspector:

a.) Certified Inspection Expert
b.) 90 Day Warranty
c.) Platinum Roof Protection Plan
d.) SewerGard
e.) MoldSafe
f.) Radon Protection Plan
g.) InspectorLab
h.) HomeOwners Resource

With over 5,000 home inspection companies in the United States and Canada offering these types of services to their clients, finding a high level inspector in your area should be possible.

2) What is inspected?

The structural and mechanical home inspection typically covers these 11 areas: basement structure, crawl space structure, slab structure, furnace, electrical system, plumbing system, interior, attic, appliances, exterior, and grounds. Each of these areas is tested for functionality, durability, safety, and so on. 

3) Should my new construction home be inspected?

Although the process is slightly different and requires three phases inspections, it is recommended that your new construction home be inspected. The three phases involved are the "foundation" inspection, "pre-drywall" inspection and the "final" inspection.

A foundation inspection involves the footings, foundations, and concrete floors. A pre-drywall inspection explores areas that are typically inaccessible because of drywall. The final inspection, performed before closing, is the full mechanical and structural inspection. Completion of each of these phases will ensure that your home is in proper condition. 

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