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Selling a Home with Pets? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Thursday, October 19, 2017   /   by Morgan Dunmire

Selling a Home with Pets? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Understand that Sparky might be hurting your listing…

We know, it’s nearly impossible to imagine anyone having a negative opinion towards your precious pet, but if you’re expecting top-dollar and a 30-day sale with a pet in your home during every showing, the odds probably aren’t in your favor. The truth of the matter is that your fur baby definitely isn’t a marketing tool when it comes to selling your home. A majority of buyers may be turned off due to fear, inexperience, or the very simple fact that your pets aren’t their pets.

While our number one piece of advice would be to relocate your pet entirely, to a family member or friend, while your home is on the market…we totally understand that that’s not a realistic scenario for everyone. If that’s the case for you, here are three tips for selling a home while a pet is present:

1. Don't Advertise That a Pet Lives There

Remove any and all traces of a pet living in your home. Many people will associate dogs and cats with bad smells and unsanitary living spaces. Litter boxes and potty pads are a HUGE no! Keep them completely out of sight and meticulously cleaned. Put away food or water bowls, pick up toys, dog beds, and crates and vacuum every day to remove pet hair from floors and furniture. Don’t forget about the backyard–the last thing you want is a potential buyer stepping in a pile of poo. Lastly, remove any photos of your pet, whether framed or on the refrigerator.

 2.Bring in the Professionals

Hire a carpet cleaning company to come in and professionally clean any carpet and rugs in your home. Not only will this rid of any stains, but also remove traces of pet odor that you might not even notice. Speaking of, don’t douse spaces with air freshener–it’s obvious and many people are sensitive to strong smells. When accidents happen, use an enzyme cleaner to break down the pet odor rather than just masking it.


3. Keep Them Contained

Constantly having complete strangers in your home certainly isn’t creating a stress-free environment for your pet. Putting them in these situations likely causes anxiety, which in some cases could lead to aggression. Look out for the safety of both your pet and potential buyers and put them in a crate or carrier during all showings. Make sure the carrier isn’t in the way and place a note on it asking visitors to please not disturb.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, reach out to us! We know all the best tips to help get your home sold fast and for more money!

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