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    Monday, April 20, 2020   /   by Morgan Dunmire

    Tips For Making The Most Of Your Virtual House Hunt

    Social distancing is one of the most responsible things you can do right now—both to protect your health and the health of the people in your community. And with social distancing in full swing, searching for a home in the traditional sense—including going to tour homes in person—is getting put on the back burner.
    But just because you can’t see homes in person doesn’t mean your home search has to suffer! A recent article from realtor.com outlined tips for conducting a virtual house hunt that’s just as good as the real thing, including:
    Look for red flags in listing photos. You don’t want to waste your time virtually touring homes that aren’t going to be the right fit. When going through a listing, look for red flags that might indicate that a listing isn’t what it seems—and isn’t worth your time (for example, photos that are stretched in an effort to make the room look bigger, or a complete lack of pho! ...

    Wednesday, March 18, 2020   /   by Morgan Dunmire

    Savannah Real Estate Update: Coronavirus Impact on the Savannah Housing Market

    Savannah Real Estate Update: Coronavirus Impact on the Savannah Housing Market
    Quick Summary:
    Here’s a useful tip about life: Coronavirus or not, there’s always something people panic over.
    Sometimes it’s personal. Sometimes it’s local. Sometimes it’s global.
    Greater Savannah residents can still protect what is likely their single largest asset (their home) by making smart, rational decisions.
    It’s time to panic!
    That’s what the stock markets were told in late February.
    Last week’s stock market sell-off was the 12th worst in a 90-year history, and the 4th worst post-World War II.
    For many investors, the US stock market sell-off was one of the worst weeks of their investing careers.
    The 11.4% drop in the S&P 500 was the worst since October 2008 (-18.1%).
    Before that, professionals in their early 40s may have experienced the crash post 9/11 (-11.6%).
    Before that, the previous worst week was the October 1987 sell-off (-12.2% ...

    Wednesday, January 22, 2020   /   by Ashleigh Townsend

    Restaurants Perfect For Valentines Day In Savannah & Pooler Georgia

    While many types of romantic date come and go, one is always in fashion: dinner.
    Atmospheric lighting, soft music and candlelight combine to make eating together one of the most romantic and enjoyable things that a couple can do together.But where should you go in the Savannah area? Here is a pick of six restaurants guaranteed to be a Valentine’s Day smash for you and your beloved.
    Elizabeth On 37th
    A cursory glance at reviews of Elizabeth On 37th throws up a cascade of superlatives - “outstanding”, “the gold standard in Savannah” and “perfect” pop out.
    And it is hard to disagree with that praise for a restaurant Zagat gave 4.5/5. Opened in 1981 by Chef Elizabeth Terry and her husband Michael, the kitchen in Elizabeth is now run by executive chef Kelly Yambor, who makes use of local produce, fresh seafood and the restaurant’s own home-grown herbs and edible flowers.
    What sets this restaurant apart for romance, however, is the settin ...

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    Monday, January 13, 2020   /   by Ashleigh Townsend

    Costly Mistakes First Time Buyers Should Avoid In 2020

    When buying your first home, it is only natural to be excited about purchasing your first home. As exhilarating as the thought of buying your first home is, this is a major financial investment and the pathway is often fraught with costly mistakes that result in home buyers paying far more than they should for their homes. The ideal buy depends on a number of contributing factors, among which are: the ideal location, the right price, securing the best home loan interest rate and working with an expert real estate agent. Avoid these 6 common many home buyers make during the home buying process.
    Not using a real estate agent
    The role of a real estate agent is to simplify the process of finding a home that is well-known for being a complex and an overwhelming process for the unwary. Without proper and informed guidance, first-time homebuyers face an intimidating process from negotiating price agreement with sellers to deciding which mortgage interest rate would be best to spot potential ...