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  • Get More Money When You Sell

    Get More Money When You Sell

    Get More Money When You Sell: Home Staging Tips that Will Make Your Home More Profitable

    Reduce Any Clutter
    Whether it’s been a few years or 30 years of memories it’s easy to get comfortable and not put away the various items we use for daily use. Storing the small kitchen appliances behind closed cabinets, disposing of unread magazines, and other clutter can instantly make a home feel much more clean and open to future possibilities.
    Neutral = Appealing to Home Buyers
    A home that has been staged makes it easier for families to envision their own family making memories in the space. Review the various rooms in your home and conquer easy projects that are a little investment, but have the potential to make a difference. This home has totally had your style, but most likely the new homeowners will have their own preferences. For example, the red wall in your living room aligned with your tastes, but a neutral color gives potential home buyers a blank canvas.

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